​We develop software. And internet.

​When it comes to software and the Internet, we know every surface inch. Each new project energizes us. With curiosity and lots of attention to detail, we arrive at the perfect solution. Experience and know-how make us the most sought-after specialists: We know what we are talking about and bring all our expertise into the projects.

​Software development

​Program code is the DNA of the digital world. We always develop triads of consulting, conception and implementation. Client-server applications are where we feel at home, frontend applications are our playing field. Our experience coupled with detailed knowledge awakens Internet projects to life.

Our customers come to us with different wishes: some we advise from scratch and together with you, build a fantastic product. Some rely on our exceptional experience as an interface and user-experience designer. Others appreciate our excellent work in software development.

​Web projects Consultation

​When it comes to the Internet, we know every surface inch. The internet is changing and evolving at a breath-taking speed. Only those who specialise will keep pace. But that's not enough for us: we are always one step ahead!

When it comes to conception, development, content and operation, we not only have a lot of knowledge, but also an opinion. We are pleased to bring in both. We are appreciated as a companion – from the beginning or on a part of the way.

pixolino Cloud Platform

​pixolino is our cloud software for the professional operation of Websites – with full developer access and ease of use. For this we have paired modern web technology with simple operation.

No question, pixolino is our hot shit! Do you want to know more? Feel free: Just visit the pixolino website.

​​That sounds pretty damn good? But there is something else: we are honest, we are loyal and we consider ourselves not terribly serious.